WHMCS 7.9.0 Released – Find Out the New Features Now

WHMCS has released a 7.9.0 version on 9 Jan 2020. We are surprised to get such a fast update of the WHMCS 7.9 version from WHMCS 7.8.

Download the latest version of WHMCS from here: https://download.whmcs.com/

Have a look at the following upgrade notes about this release and keep your WHMCS store updated as well as secured with the latest release.

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Keep your WHMCS store updated with the latest release

PayPal Checkout

WHMCS has introduced a new and improved PayPal checkout experience. Here, you can offer your customers a faster and more streamlined checkout with the new PayPal module in WHMCS 7.9. This features the automated pre-filling of the new user signup, region, and context-driven payment methods, duplicate subscription prevention. You can receive a more refined and optimized PayPal payment experience for your customers.

Usage-Based Billing

Now, you can see usage billing in WHMCS 7.9.0, which enables you to bill your customers for the products they’ve used. This opens up many products as well as pricing configuration capabilities. You can bill your customers for the usage of resources such as Disk space, bandwidth, Addon Domains, MYSQL databases with the help of new usage and metric billing functionality. You can also configure the pricing with the choice among pricing schemes and the automated invoice generation based on the usage data provided to WHMCS.

Stripe ACH and Sepa

In the new WHMCS version 7.9.0, you can see the STRIPE integration to include the support for ACH and SEPA payments. Therefore, you can now accept and process the ACH payments directly from the customer bank accounts within the US and process SEPA Direct Debit payments from the customers in countries within the Single Euro payments area.

Go Cardless ACH

The WHMCS expanded the GoCardless integration to support US bank account payments via ACH. This will now support the Direct Debit Payments in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Eurozone (EUR), United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States. You can get the benefits of direct debit payments that include lower transaction fees, non-expiring payment methods, and a lower likelihood of the payment declines for the successful renewal rates.

SiteLock VPN

Your customers can now avail high speed, secure as well as easy to use VPN service. In fact even in the case when someone has nothing to hide, people used to avoid the idea of being watched and tracked. Most people are choosing VPN for great privacy and general security and also a web hosting provider is considered a fit for the consumers. You are also able to offer a VPN service to your clients with the SiteLock VPN service available with the WHMCS MarketConnect with the starting range of $3.75 per month.

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Some other new features:

Domain Renewal Maximum Term Enforcement

Now in WHMCS 7.9.0 domain renewal terms will be restricted based on the expiry date of a domain name to display the renewal options that don’t exceed the lifetime limit of the domain.

Conditionally required Additional Domain Fields

The additional domain fields can be set as conditionally required where the field is required depending upon the value of another field or selection.

Admin Service Quick Look

This fresh quick look functionality permits you to get quick access to the additional information relating to product/service, addon, domain and the cancellation request within the admin area via an expand icon.

Improved invoice numbering reset

The invoice numbering reset logic has now additional functionality to assure the reset occurrence at the month or year-end.

Recording of Invoice cancellation and Refund dates

That date invoices which were canceled or refunded would now be logged and recorded to simplify the integration as well as synchronization with 3rd party accounting as well as reporting systems.

Improvements to ACH/eCheck UX

Now, the checkout experience has been updated as well as updated for the payments via ACH as well as eCheck gateway modules.

Registrar Initial Setup Validation

The API credentials will now get validated before saving when activating and configuring the registrar modules. So, this new functionality is available to the registrar module developers.

Language translation improvements

They have also made additional wording and phrasing improvements to the English, French as well as Spanish language translations.

If you have some relevant ideas in your mind, then be the first one to have your hand on its features and functionalities. All the best guys!

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