Upgrade Your WHMCS Experience with WGS VMware Module V1.0.9

In our never-ending quest to improve our VMware module, we’ve rolled out a new version i.e., VMware V1.0.9 with some new updates. This is great news for all the users who are using our WHMCS VMware module. We have fixed bugs and introduced a few new features and enhancements.

Have a look below!

Bugs Fixed:

Error: Cannot find the object we requested to collect the properties for in servers

What’s New in VMware V1.0.9?

1. Use a single configurable option Group for all products:

Earlier, the module needs to update the new configuration for every product. But, now with the new feature of the VMware V1.0.9 module, you can create a single configurable group and can use it with the specified VMware products instead of creating a separate configuration for every product.

2. Stop the creation of invoices when Assign existing VMs:

Stop Invoice

Earlier, when you assign existing VMs to the user, WHMCS automatically generates the invoice for the customer. But with the help of this new feature, you can now stop this invoice creation process with a single click while assigning existing VMs to the user.

3. Advanced customized orders processing:

custom order WHMCS

The previous version of the WGS module carries the two-way set product with fixed values. Now, you can enjoy more advanced options for custom order processing as we’ve added an extra feature in which your customers can create their custom orders according to their needs. Suppose 1 GB RAM is the default order value, your customer can increase the size of the RAM according to his/her requirements.

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