VMware WHMCS module coming soon


We are pleased to announce that we are launching the WGS VMware VsPhere WHMCS module

It communicates with Vsphere directly through Web client using service API with no need for Command line.

Client Area Feature:

      • Auto-provisioning of Linux & Windows VMs (vSphere 5.1 or higher).
      • VM Folder directory/Sub-folder support.
      • Multiple Data Center and host support.
      • vSphere Active Directory and/or Local User support.
      • VM Bandwidth Tracking support and limitation.
      • Get the following info from VMware to display in client area: Server Name, Server Power State, Guest OS Status, Guest IP Addresses, Detected Guest OS, Guest Host Name, VMware Tools Status, VMware Tools Version, VM Recent Task, and Guest Disk Space.
      • System information: Clients are Able to see the information in client area.
      • System uptime: clients are able view server uptime .
      • Memory graph: Clients are able to view RAM usage.
      • Power state: clients are able to see the status of VMs.
      • CPU state: clients are able to see CPU usage in both general and in Power state .
      • Disk usage: clients are able to see disk usage status of Vms .
      • Power off: Powering off VM from client area.
      • Power On: clients are able Powering on VM from client area.
      • Pause/Unpause: Clients are able to Pause/Unpause VM from client area.
      • Reboot Hard: Clients are able to Hard rebooting VM from client area.
      • Soft reboot: client are able to Soft rebooting VM from client area.
      • Update: clients are able to Auto update VMware tools from client area.
      • Unmount /Mount: clients are able to Unmount /Mount VMWare Tools from client area.
      • Log: clients are able to see all logs from client are (reset/reboot/…).


Admin Area Feature:

  • Select IP for each Vms.
  • Select host or migrate each Vms Between host and datacenters.
  • Suspend / unsuspended.
  • Power off /power on / restart /reload Os.
  • Select and change Os from provision template.
  • Choose the amount of bandwidth.
  • Limit the traffic of each Vms through the default traffic or customize the value of traffic.