why account statement important in WHMCS

why account statement important in WHMCS

Account Statement Module

Get your Billing
Transactions Statement
in just

One Click


Without Account Statement Module, user is worried about the paid / unpaid and past billing
transactions details and need to
track the billing.

Using Account Statement Module, It increases the usability of WHMCS where now a user has the ability to get any transaction statement in just one click.

AccountStatement module is a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way to receive your statements. It is an E of your account statements that you can easily access through WHMCS Billing System.
How it Works

How WHMCS admin can set PDF / Email Template Settings

Open “Addons => Account Statement” to setup the PDF paper size, font family, invoice
type and email template. When anyone will generate the  statement, PDF page size and fonts will make statement visibility more attractive. So admin has options to set-up all these things as per your need and choices.


How to Generate PDF Statement and send manually to particular clients :

Open “Clients => View/Search Clients” menu and then select any client for which you want to generate statement.

You can get the client transactions accounts statement for the specified time period. You can open the default invoice view and a new “Statements” button will be visible there, just click that button, the system will ask you to select two dates for which period you want to send the statement. You can either download the statement in PDF format or can send to the client via email.


How admin can Generate PDF Statement in Client Area

Site owner to have first set the account statement link in their client area you can add anywhere link should be like this