WHMCS Version 8.3.2 Rolled Out

Say hello to WHMCS V8.3.2! 

If you are using WHMCS 8.3.1, the wait for the next version is over. WHMCS has released its recent WHMCS V8.3.2. In a recent announcement by WHMCS, it has notified the customers about its new version launch. 

The new version revolves around bug fixes regarding the Affiliate System in 8.3.1. Users having version 8.3.1 installed on their systems have been facing a bug while using the Affiliate system with the commission delay feature. When updating to 8.3.1, the bug removes pending affiliate commission records. However, the error is not persistent and occurs only once. 

You can read more here:  https://docs.whmcs.com/Restoration_Of_Pending_Affiliate_Commissions 

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So, what improvements can you expect in WHMCS 8.3.2? On updating from version 8.3.1 to 8.3.2, the system will restore all the eliminated data. You don’t need to take any further action, in most cases. A notification banner in the Admin Area will notify you about successful data restoration. 

Apart from this, you can continue to use the parent features of 8.3, including  Automatic WordPress Provisioning, improved client profile summary, Stripe, and PayPal dispute management, DNS validation for SSL, and friendly URLS for Products. 

How To Get The WHMCS V8.3.2?

You can update automatically using the Automatic Updater, which you can find under the Utility option. You can also update manually if you wish to. Visit the Download Page to download both full and incremental versions. 

About WHMCS 

WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution is the market leader in online billing and automation for web hosts and domain registrars. The company offers a centralized platform enabling web hosting providers to set up the server, automate operations, improve customer support, reduce costs, and more. It makes their everyday tasks easier, quicker, and more efficient. The company is also known for the extensive support it offers to the hosting providers. 

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