Benefits of Using WHMCS Custom Modules

Summary: WHMCS custom modules open a new world of opportunities for web hosting businesses. They help and provide benefits to the organizations to fulfill their specific business-centric requirements.

What if you had the power to give your business everything it needs to grow and earn profits? With WHMCS custom modules help you add features and functionalities to your web hosting business websites and apps as per your specific requirements. 

Only you as a business owner know what your business needs to grow & only custom WHMCS modules can help you fulfill all those requirements. 

In this article today, we will discuss what WHMCS custom modules are and how you can leverage them for your business growth.

What Are WHMCS Custom Modules?

WHMCS modules are add-ons that can be integrated into your existing application/website to enhance its functionality. WHMCS custom development is a considerable investment to help you achieve a competitive edge while boosting overall business efficiency and productivity. 

Key Benefits of Using WHMCS Modules

So, how WHMCS custom module development can help your reseller or web hosting business? Let’s find out:

Automation – The world is becoming automated quickly and the web hosting industry is not behind. With the multitude of tasks going on altogether, it is extremely challenging for businesses to manage them manually. As such, integrating automation into business operations can be extremely significant. That is where WHMCS module development comes into play. You can add specific modules to automate particular functions you find difficult to perform manually. These can be related to invoices, reports, payments, and even client data.

Extended Functionality – Adding a custom module to your WHMCS increases the functionality and features of your WHMCS. So, you can customize your WHMCS as and when needed without compromising our business goals. 

Integration – WHCMS modules enable seamless integration of WHMCS with third-party apps and APIs. You can manage different sectors of their WHMCS like reporting, accounting, emails, etc.

Invention – With WHMCS custom development, you get the freedom to decide what kinds of functionality you can add to your app or website. You can h opt for trending or in-demand features and functionalities, which your clients often ask for.

Uniqueness – Each business is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Having WHMCS modules tailor-made to suit your unique business requirements can actually complement your working model. Plus, you can build a ‘unique’ identity for your business in the market. 

WHMCS Modules – How WGS Can Help You?

There are only fewer organizations to offer WHMCS module development services. Also, since it needs technical expertise, you cannot think of doing it yourself. 

WHMCS Global Services (WGS) holds years of expertise in the WHMCS custom development industry. We have developed hundreds of modules tailor-made for our clients based on their specific business requirements. Whether you need any software installed or personalization to existing software, we can help. 

Types of WHMCS Custom Module Development we can help you with: 

1. WHMCS Domain Registrar Module

We have already developed the Registrar module for Ficora, AWS route 53, Switch EPP, SGNIC, etc. So, you can rely on us if you want to develop any specific domain registrar module.

2. WHMCS Addon Module

We have a specialization in provisioning modules or server modules. Explore our range of products and you will come to know what we can do for your business. WGS VMware module is one of our most popular server modules. 

3. WHMCS Payment Gateway Module

While WHMCS comes with default payment gateways, we can help you develop a specific payment gateway for your business. All we need is API documentation of that gateway and we can do the rest. Check out our product section for the payment gateways we have already developed. 

So, if you are looking for somebody to develop WHMCS custom modules for you or even assist you in developing one, get in touch with our experts. 

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