Know More About WHMCS Security Breach

About WHMCS Security Breach

We feel that it’s important to inform all our customers about the current security situation of WGS.

Yes, we got hacked! Our server got hacked. We are writing to inform you that we were recently able to confirm that there was an unauthorized access to our database containing user profile information and our ticketing system. We have since blocked this unauthorized access and made additional changes to our technical infrastructure to prevent future incidents.

It’s a kind request to all our customers to not panic in this situation. We’ll be upgrading all our modules if required. For now please change all login information of your server or WHMCS admin details that were shared with us.

No doubt, it is our mistake that we’ve left some loopholes over our server which has caused all this trouble to all of us. We are running an investigation underway.

Why we were on a mission to strengthen hosting providers?

It is because our main motive is to provide custom modules or solutions that were not present in the default WHMCS. We are not competing with anyone as our main target is only being helpful to the companies that are using WHMCS. At last, improving customer experience for WHMCS.

The people that have hacked our servers are actually very smart. They just have done it to spoil our business reputation. We’ve given a lot to make our modules stand out differently. But we are aware of haters.

A big thanks to them so that we can improve and serve our clients better!!

Even the company like Facebook gets hacked. If they can get hacked, then we are not a very big giant here in comparison to them. But we are constantly improving and this incident has taught us a lot to us.

We are now rigorously working with our admin team to take over the loopholes to avoid any such issues. We need some time to sort out everything and make it much more secure. We’ll come back strong. Thanks for the co-operation and support!

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