WGS Introduces the Revamped Website

One human year equals at least four Internet years, and that’s how the technology is advancing now a days. To keep up the pace with the latest technology advancements, we have redesigned our website to give it a new look and feel with some technology updates as well. First impression counts and this is where our old website lacks. But in this new version of the website we have not left any stone unturned with respect to the UI and UX of our users.

As we all know that website is the face of every business and if given proper supervision, then it can become the extension of sales. Therefore, we always strive through creating the right impression of our website on our customers. Eventually, WGS has brought a refreshed look of its website with the streamlined services. It will help in keeping the customer at the forefront of their shopping experience.

The new website will be available to the entire customers at the beginning of August, lets checkout what new in the new version:


Introducing the much awaited Client X Template for WHMCS Client Area:

We’ve introduced ClientX template (WHMCS Client Area Theme) which is designed to provide a smooth experience to your customers. They get a lot of stuff in their baskets such as social login, free updates and support for one year, complimentary DomainX search page, and complimentary InvoiceX page. It also indulges RTL and multilingual support, color alteration settings as well as fully responsiveness. It will provide a professional feel to the entire WHMCS users.


Offering WHMCS Custom Development Solutions

With increase in demand of custom solutions in WHMCS by our customers, we have launched out a custom development service. Users can contact us for any WHMCS custom development requirement and we will provide a free quote to them.


Offering a Ready to Use Hosting Selling Solution

Get a Ready To Use Web Hosting Selling Solution in 10 Working Days!

Yes you heard that right. If you have an idea to start a web hosting business, then we are here to help you make the finest setup for selling hosting. We provide you with the best web design, layout as well as outstanding marketing services. Not only this, we provide top-selling automation modules which can easily empower your hosting business growth and delivers the result-oriented solutions for your online business. The customers can easily get an optimal tech-support. We, at WGS, help you serve your customers with the best web hosting experience. Simplify your lives while getting an amazing web hosting startup with us.

Checkout how we streamline the hosting startups