WHMCS One Step Checkout v1.0.5 is rolling out!

Usually, users ask what is new in WHMCS One Step Checkout order form template v.1.0.5? But we will do you one better by asking you, have you wondered why WHMCS One Step Checkout v1.0.5 is required? The answer to it is quite simple. As it is the need of the hour especially keeping on page with marketing strategies in the market. Let’s elaborate on the marketing perspective.

This new version of WHMCS One Step Checkout was released keeping in mind the hosting companies. And increasing their sales.

So it won’t be wrong to say that this update is just for increasing the overall conversions of the hosting companies.  Marketing has been one perspective that was highly focused on in this V 1.0.5 update. In this competitive world, one way to beat all competition and increase your sales is through doing better marketing. And that is exactly what this new update focuses on.

More the sales more will be the revenue that you will be generating from your hosting business.

What’s New in One Step Checkout Order Form Template V 1.0.5?

Now that we have already told about why this newly updated WHMCS One Step Checkout module is required. It’s time to move forward and have a look at what all new things have come out of it for a better user experience.

Stripe Integration

The older version of the WHMCS One Step Checkout order form did not support stripe integration except for standard cart.  That being said we proudly present the WHMCS One Step Checkout Order Form is now fully compatible with Stripe Payment Gateway.

As this integration was high in demand from the stripe user base, this will definitely turn to be a boost in sales. Here is the detailed procedure for setting up the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Redesigned Product Plan Section

When it comes to appearance there have been quite a few changes done to the order form. These changes definitely make the checkout process more user friendly. Let’s get in details of the changes made to the order forms.

The new layout for choosing your plan is way more simple and precise. As the plans consist of drop-down boxes giving the option to choose the billing cycle monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually and even provide them the confidence to choose higher plans.

Once you have chosen your preferred billing cycle there is an add to cart button just below it.

Just in case you wish to change the billing cycle just click on that option on the plan you choose before. It would be at the place of the add to cart button in your chosen plan. Thus making your life way easier.

How the calculation of the discounts in the billing cycle works?

If you buy Monthly plan you will not save anything. Let say in our case Monthly product price is Rs 200/month then you have to Pay Rs 200/Month. If you opt to buy annually and pay annually upfront you save 50% So you just have to pay Rs 1200 at once instead of the Rs 2400 that you were about to spend monthly. If you go for Biannually you save 75 % and you just have to pay Rs 1800 and that’s a saving of Rs 5400.

So we have configured the billing cycle to boost the conversions of the bigger products.

Improved Order Summary

We have totally redesigned the order summary section in order to give your clients a more eye-soothing checkout experience. The order summary is a way faster now as we have optimized the ajax functionality.

Moreover, the text of the promo code button has also been changed to make it look more convenient to users.

We have added a Notes section under the Order Summary in which the hosting provider can add a note to boost the conversions. The notes section is fully multi language compatible.

One Step Checkout

Redesigned Domain Configuration Section

We have redesigned the domain configuration section in order to sell extra domain services. We have completely redesigned the domains addon section that will attract users to buy different domains addons like ID Protection etc…..

One Step Checkout

Domain Registration Section Shifted Below the Product Plans

In the previous version of the one step checkout order form the domain registration block was coming before product plans selection.

We used to get updates from our customers that it is somehow confusing for them, so now we have given the setting in admin to allow the hosting provider to switch the domain registration block before product plan selection or after product plan selection.

One Step Checkout

Own Domain & Domain Search Issue Fixed

We have fixed the Domain Search Shortcode, in the previous version the domain name was not passing to the cart via HTML website using the shortcode. Now we have fixed it permanently.


Also in this version we have integrated the missing “Own domain” feature also.

One Step Checkout
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