WGS OVH WHMCS Module V4.0.0 Released!

WGS OVH WHMCS Module V4.0.0 Released!

New Feature Added


WHMCS Global Services is ready to launch SoyouStart’s latest version4.0.0.0  with all new features. We received many emails from our existing clients and they shared their views for the further improvement of our SoyouStart OVH module, we worked on it and now we are ready to launch. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our existing customers for their support & suggestions.

1). Fully Automated Server provisioning:

If you want to order your VPS server it is not difficult now. You can’t imagine that VPS server purchase can be that much easy. VPS server now can be resold automatically through WHMCS. Now admin doesn’t need to purchase the server from OVH after order & no need to wait for a long time. All you need to do is add funds to your account and then you can purchase the server.

Customer will get the server instantly as soon as the payment process completed. Admin must have to add the pre-fund to their OVH account. Watch the below images. These will help you to order your own VPS server.

2). Automated Backup:

With our latest version users can get the automated backup. If users are opting this feature then they can get the back up in three ways. It depends on the user requirement that how they need the backup and they can process in that way. The backup tab will offer you following features:

  • User can see the list the backup date wise
  • User can restore the backup
  • User can mount the backup

  i). User can see the list the backup date wise: Here users can get the Daily backup, Weekly backup and Monthly backup. If you need to take the back up for a complete month please click on the monthly tab, if weekly please select weekly tab, if you want to choose daily backup kindly select daily backup and it’s done.

 ii). User can restore the backup: Now users are able to restore the backup very easily. Here you will get a tab “Restore Backup”, simply you need to click on that and back up is restored on your server.

 iii). User can mount the backup: Users can mount the back up as per their requirements.

3). Order Additional IP’s:

The main feature of this module is now we have given the ability to user to purchase the additional IP’s. With this feature user can purchase the additional IP’s. User can select the range of IP’s based on the location and invoice generated for selected the IP’s quantity after payment API will check the balance in OVH and assign the IP’s to that server.

The interface is user-friendly so the user will get a dropdown list and can purchase additional IP’s. In drop-down list user will get the option like “No. of IP’s : _____” Here you need to select the number that how many IP’s you want to order and then “Location _____” please select your location and then click on confirm.

IP order is done now you will get an invoice just pay for the invoice and your order for additional IP’s is done.

4). New Order form

5). Upgrade / Downgrade VM 

6). Bug Fixing:

i). Email Template Issue.

In soyoustart 3.0.5 to 3.0.7 release user were having an issue with email template. Now we have fixed the email template issue permanently. If admin put their own custom email template yes it will work.

ii). Fix the hostname issue.

In the previous version, there was a bug reported by our existing customers in our module when user reinstalls the server and put the custom hostname it was updating in WHMCS database but was not updating the hostname on the server side so now we have fixed this issue. Now it is getting updated in WHMCS Database as well as on server too.

iii). Fix the infinite loop issue.

In WHMCS 7 they update the jQuery element of product service page so some user was getting an infinite loop in that case if they enter the incorrect server details in client product service page so we have fixed this issue permanently. Now our users will not get this kind of issues.

iv). Rescue Mode:

Most people were having an issue when they were trying to reboot in the rescue mode like given image. Now we have shown the progress bar if there any rescue mode task is going on user can see it in progress bar. So once the task is completed than the user can perform another action.


We have done so many improvements in the latest module and few I am explaining in detail.

  • Reinstallation of Operating System
  • IPV4 added
  • Display the server statics
  • Fix the Partition issue during installation time

i) Reinstallation of Operating System: Once you will choose to reinstall operating system by default you will see the previously installed Operating System. And if you want to install the same OS then select same otherwise please select a required operating system from given the drop-down list.

ii). IPV4 added

Previously we were sending only main server IP. Now we are sending all the assigned IP’s to either its IPV4 or IPV6.

iii). Display the server statics

Big improvement in the VPS module is now user can see their VPS server CPU & Ram usage monthly, weekly and daily basis. Here you can see the graphic status of your CPU & RAM usage, the choice is yours what do you want to check for a day or week or month. It will display the required.

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