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I have been recently looking for a tool that helps in analysing my data scattered across multiple day-to-day tools. That is when I came across this newly launched platform InsightDials, which gives analytics for the day-to-day tools, specifically for the web hosting industry. They have integrations with WHMCS, and Google analytics. With a lot more of the hosting tools in the pipeline. This tool interested me a lot as I stumbled upon this when I needed an analytics tool the most. What struck me the most was that they are having a free beta, which let me try out the application without subscribing to a plan.

 So, if you are looking for a ‘business cockpit’ (as they call their platform) for your web hosting business, where key metrics from your day-to-day tools can be visualized on a central no-code platform, then you should definitely try out InsightDials. This platform is all you need to visualize your key metrics with easy and automatically, with zero manual effort involved. Not just for a few in the organization but for all your departments securely under a central platform with ease.

They currently have integrations with WHMCS, and Google analytics and a lot more in the pipeline (like QuickBooks, Blesta, HostBill, ClientExec, Zoho, FreshDesk, Nagios, Olark, Kayako etc). Also, they have different departmental dashboards for your different teams. So, if you are having trouble getting your key metrics from your WHMCS data then try out InsightDials to keep track of your real-time metrics, round the clock. They are available on WHMCS Marketplace as well. 

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InsightDials Review

Some of the Key Features that struck me while using the InsightDials platform were:

  • Many metrics like Monthly recurring revenue (MRR), ARR, customer churn, support metrics and a lot more, that are tough to get from WHMCS reports are easily visualised on the InsightDials dashboards.
  • Dashboards are pre-designed. So, dashboard creation is not needed.
  • Key metrics of the industry already handpicked and loaded in the metrics library. So, we do not need to worry about what metrics to track.
  • Scattered data from day-to-day tools brought to a central platform. So, no more juggling between tools for metrics.
  • Multi-dimensional view of data for a clearer picture of the metrics performance.
  • Simple and intuitive graphs to understand metric trends at a single glance
  • Insights on each metric, that gives a summary of the metrics’ trend/performance
  • Detailed drill-down to see the macro level of data, to understand the individual items that contribute to the metrics
  • Date filtering and sorting of drill-down data to get specific detail
  • Dashboards specific to each department, populated with the right metrics for each business function
  • Easy download of dashboard snapshot to share with others
  • Different team members can be added to their respective dashboards with ease.
  • Option to email actionable To-dos to your team members, to act upon

Why should you choose InsightDials for your Web hosting business intelligence?

In most small and medium organizations either data analytics is rarely done or they do basic analytics in excel. This often limits the organizations from making data-driven decisions. Managing analytics in excel requires expertise in excel, it is time-consuming and also data has to be exported from multiple day-to-day applications and fed into excel regularly. This is time-consuming, complex and a lot of human effort is involved. This manual analytics takes on an average approximately 2 hours per day per team to collate and analyse their data. Also, there are high chances of excel files getting corrupted or mismanaged due to larger data handling.

In other organizations where analytics is done, data often rests with a few in the organization, mostly the IT team or a data scientist. Data is not freely available to all in the organization. This creates data aristocracy and the different teams do not have access to their relevant data.
This is where InsightDials no-code business intelligence comes as a lifesaver. If you are looking for a fully-automated business intelligence software for your web hosting business, that saves 100% time and effort on analytics then InsightDials is the right tool for you! Listed below are few reasons why you should be choosing InsightDials:

1. InsightDials brings your scattered data across multiple day-to-day tools to a central platform:

InsightDials is currently exclusively for the hosting industry and aim to integrate with most of the popular day-to-day applications of the hosting industry. The platform covers the key metrics that hosting businesses should be tracking. This approach enables to cover the entire business stack used in the industry. So, you no longer need to juggle between your day-to-day tools to view your metrics. All your key metrics from your different customer touchpoints are brought to a central location to build your business cockpit.

2. InsightDials is 100% time & effort saving. 100% complexity free

InsightDials application does not require technical knowledge to visualize the metrics. It has pre-designed dashboards where the metrics can be viewed in multi-dimensional forms. The dashboard comes with a metrics library loaded with key metrics and a data modeller that creates relationships with your application database tables. This makes real-time analytics fully automated, easy and at your fingertip. You need not worry about what all metrics to track. The hassles of complex analytical calculations are solved. Also, InsightDials is designed in such a manner that it can be easily integrated to your application data source.

So, you no longer require coding, technical knowledge or data scientist to analyse your data. Thus, InsightDials is 100% time-saving, 100% complexity free and since there is no human effort it is error-free as well.

3. InsightDials provides multi-dimensional view of metrics

The data is analyzed and visualized through pre-designed, no-code dashboards with a simple, intuitive, graphical interface. A single glance at the metrics gives you the current trend of your metrics. The graphical representation of the metrics is coupled with actionable insights which gives a summary of the metrics performance with respect to targets set or previous months’ value; a detailed drill-down to see the macro level of data which can be filtered and sorted. This multi-dimensional view of data helps to get clarity on your data story.

4. A huge library of metrics

They have a metrics library loaded with metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Net MRR, Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Total Annual Revenue, Monthly Revenue, Customer Churn, Revenue Churn, Plan Cancellations, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Customer Retention, Account Receivables (AR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Sales Funnel, Products with maximum Churn, Top-performing Plan, Top Customers, Refunds processed, Server utilization, Live Chat metrics like – missed LiveChat, Chat volume etc, Support ticket metrics like – First Response, Resolution, Aged Tickets etc. And many more other metrics.

5. InsightDials Beta can be tried free

The application beta version can be accessed at Sign-up for a free account, integrate your applications and try the platform for free. They have integrations for WHMCS, and Google analytics. With a lot more tool integrations coming soon.

What are their drawbacks?

Though InsightDials makes the analytic journey fully automated; you will not be able to view the metrics from a tool out of their integration list. They provide analytics only for the tools in their integration list. No self-service analytics is provided. Also, since the product is in the MVP stage the tool integrations are limited at this stage. However, they claim to have more tool integrations coming soon.

Pricing Plans?

Being a SaaS platform, they have a subscription-based pricing plan. They offer the plans/subscriptions, based on the number of user access, department dashboards and other features. While going through the website, I see there are multiple solutions/plans listed and I believe the starting package would be at an affordable price range, as it is mentioned that it is for Startups to try out the application. Additionally, they have a custom plan that will be tailor-made based on specific requirements, data size and revenue. Also, there is a free trial plan for 14 days, that will enable users to try out the application.

Presently, they have a free beta that enables free use of the platform.

How to get started with InsightDials analytics?

Do you want to automate your analytics process with InsightDials? This is the right time as they are running a free beta program. Hence, you can directly visit their website and sign up for a free account. Integrate your day-to-day tools and get your metrics. Follow the below steps.

InsightDials analytics


  1. Visit
  2. Signup for a free account by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button
  3. Submit your company email to Sign up. Once Signed up, you will receive a verification email to your registered email. Once verified you can Login to your account
  4. On logging in, you will be taken to the pricing page to select your plan. Select the plan ‘BETA’, which will let you use the application for free till the beta period is active.
  5. After selecting the plan, integrate your WHMCS
  6. After the integration, you can visualize your metrics on the pre-designed dashboard.

In just these simple steps you can see all of your organizational key metrics. Now no more complicated manual calculations or complex data modellers. All the key metrics are automatically at your fingertips.

Do I recommend InsightDials Analytics?

Yes, I do 100% recommend InsightDials if you are someone who is not doing analytics or looking to fully automate your analytics process and save the time and effort spent on analytics.

We especially recommend trying out their free BETA and if interested sign-up for their plans after the beta program.

I have benefitted by using their platform for my WHMCS analytics. A lot of metrics that I couldn’t get from WHMCS like MRR, ARR, Customer Churn, Support SLAs and lots more are all at my fingertip now with InsightDials. We are in an era where data is of utmost importance. In fact, the keyword for 2023 is “Data for all”. The importance of data analytics is increasing day by day. Our business is producing tons of data each day with valuable information about our business. We shouldn’t fall behind our competitors just because we did not use our data wisely to understand more about our business trends. Hence this is the right time to invest in analytics and InsightDials platform will help you in automating your analytics journey.

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