GST Plugin For WordPress

As we all know Goods and Services Tax or GST is about to be launched on July 1st. WordPress users in India ​will now ​have a new ​problem of setting Tax Rules with GST ​and generating reports. WHMCS Global Services has come up with solution for this and has developed GST WordPress module for India.

As we all know there will be 3 types of Goods and Services Taxes applicable :


    • In this revenue will be collected by the state governments for intra-state sales.


    • In this revenue will be collected by the central government.


    In this revenue will be collected by the central government for inter-state sales

SGST and CGST will be for intrastate transactions @9% each and IGST is applied for interstate transactions at flat 18%.

We have set all these rules and calculations in our module and you just need to install the module and select your state and that’s it. You are all done. Based on user selected state in his profile, it will automatically apply the required GST.

Let me give you an example of how it will work.

Suppose website Reseller in Punjab sells hosting to user in Punjab for Rs 1000. GST applicable will be 18% in which SGST will be 9% and CGST will be 9%. In this case website reseller will collect Rs. 180 and of this amount, Rs. 90 will go to Punjab government and Rs. 90 will go to the central government.

Same way if website owner sells hosting outside Punjab,let say to user in Delhi then in such case the website owner has to charge Rs.180 @ 18 % IGST. This IGST will go to the central government.

Reports: At any time if you want to check how much you have charged SGST, CGST and IGST for sales within India. You can view that easily and download the individual reports for each tax as an excel file as well.

Feature List :
  1. Admin can enter their GSTIN code for their store and that will be shown on invoice.
  2. Ability to enter the client GSTIN code and that will be shown on invoice.
  3. Admin can enter SAC code to show on the invoice that will be shown on invoice.
  4. All the Invoice generated are as per GST invoice format.
  5. In invoice we’re showing separate fields for SGST, CGST, and IGST on invoice.
  6. SGST, CGST, and IGST are automatically calculated and added to all transactional emails and pdf files.
  7. Reports: Ability to see the GST invoices (bifurcation of IGST, CGST & SGST) report in admin area.
Up Coming:
  1. Assign the SAC or HSN code with your multiple products.
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