Amazon Linux 1 will not be Supported by cPanel &WHM Version 88

This news came out of the blue as Amazon officially announced that Amazon Linux 1 operating system will reach the end of its course on 31 December 2020. Though there are months of time left before Amazon Linux 1 comes to an end.

Unfortunately, cPanel customers won’t be able to update to cPanel & WHM Version 88. Plus cPanel & WHM also doesn’t support any installations on Amazon Linux 2. If you wish to continue using Amazon Linux 1, then you will be glad to know that you can do this using cPanel & WHM version 86.

Moreover, it will keep on getting support and updates till 31st December 2020.

Users still using Amazon Linux 1 will keep getting a constant notification about and will be deprived of upgrading to version 88 of cPanel & WHM. Additionally,  the support from Amazon will stop on 31st December 2020 in the wake of this announcement.

Therefore, we highly recommend you consider migrating to a new operating system now. To avoid last moment issues and any problems that might occur to you regarding the support.

Just in case if you remain an Amazon Linux 1 user and are not able to upgrade to the new cPanel & WHM version 88. It will lead to you being vulnerable to security issues.

Moreover, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of new features.

It’s no rocket science that you cannot swap your operating system in a few clicks. So that pretty much means migrating to the new operating system is the only bullet left in your gun.

This migration might lead to a small period of downtime but it comes with other perks too.

You can upgrade to the official Amazon listing for cPanel & WHM. This will allow all the existing and new users to full advantage of completely supported versions of cPanel.

Not just that you also receive regular security and feature updates along with it.

Moreover,  the new Amazon Web Services users get an opportunity to choose cPanel & WHM for installation. That too from Amazon Web Services Marketplace listing to get the most out of the official supported version of the software.

Or you can go for the more trusted server-providing companies that have been in business with cPanel & WHM.

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