Account Statement Module

Account statement module


This module assists with every aspect of your account transactions billing and collections. The module is geared to meet account statement requirements for hosting companies as well as any business who are managing online billing transactions using WHMCS cms. A user can use this module to automate the online billing accounts statements and that can be used for bank statement, cash daybook etc. This module sends all statements to users every month on their anniversary date.

Account Statement module is a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way to receive your statements. It is an electronic version of your account statements that you can easily access through WHMCS Billing System.

Initial Settings

Initial Settings

Account Statement Module provides the PDF paper size, font family, invoice type and email template settings option to generate the PDF statement in the desired formats. This PDF page size and fonts will make your statement visibility as per your choice and when you will send email pdf statement, you will get the custom formatted email including attached PDF generated file. So you have options to setup all these things as per your need and choices.

Generate my Statements

Generate my Statements

Account Statement Module provides the option to get the past / historical statements from the specified time period. System will ask you to select two dates for which period you want to get the statement, then you can either download the statement in PDF format or can send the same via email.

PDF Statement View

PDF Statement View

Fully customizable PDF file where you can change company logo, address, paper size and fonts.

You will get all your invoice details with paid, unpaid transactions as per your setting.

You can also generate all your historical / past billing transactions statement anytime from anywhere.

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November 29, 2015




Compatibility: 6.3.1 to WHMCS 7.1.2

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