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Module Overview

Are you So You Start, OVH or Kimsufi dedicated server reseller? Have you ever imagine of having a module that enables your customer to manage their servers from WHMCS client area itself?  Your wait is over now, our OVH – SoYouStart -Kimsufi WHMCS module allows you to resell OVH, SYS and Kimsufi VPS and Dedicated Servers with options for your clients to manage their servers form the client area itself. The module is very easy to install and use. The module provides enhanced features to your clients like Reboot/Re-install/Recovery Mode, Enable/Disable FTP – Backup, Manage IP’s Managing Backup, Upgrade the System Resources. Also, your clients always can keep an eye on other important information like Data Center Allocation, Operating System Installed, Virtual MAC Address Used, Bandwidth Usage and KVM from WHMCS client area.

OVH Features


Automatic provisioning

OVH, SYS and Kimsufi reseller can automate the VM processing on a successful purchase of the VPS.

ACL Supported

Allow or deny feature in client area for server based.

Installation Status

Your clients can view the real time installation status.

Power control

Your client can easily Reboot & Rescue their server from their WHMCS client area.

White Label Email Piping

Your client’s end customers will receive a white labeled email for every event.

KVM Viewer

Your client can access the KVM console directly in WHMCS.

New features of OVH module for VPS only


Automated VPS Server Provisioning

Now you can resell the OVH VPS server instantly. Using our OVH VPS Module​, y​ou just have to pre balance your OVH account.

Do you worry about creat​ing​ configuration option for your products?

Now you don’t have to!​ By using our module as soon as you create the product in your WHMCS our module ​will auto create the configurable option to let your client choose data center location, OS type, control panel , and extra disk space or IP’s.

Upgrade / Downgrade VPS

Does your customer require an upgrade after purchase​? By using our module,  your customer can easily upgrade their VPS machine within client area without your help & data loss.

Auto Renew Server

Whenever new VPS server​ is ​sold through ​WHMCS​, our ​module will by default set automatic renew disable. If user ma​ke​s the payment before due date WHMCS will automatically renew the server.

Standard module features for VPS and Dedicated server

Get Server Information

Our module enables your clients to see all information related to server, hardware and CPU in the client area itself. What server information your clients can manage from WHMCS client area? You client can easily manage Data Center, Operating System, Reverse IP, Server Status, Processor Architecture, Memory, Disk Groups, Motherboard, Kernel Information and Server Load as well. There is an option to see the windows compatible licenses.

Modify IP Reverse

Allow your clients to see and manage IP’s and their information like Country, Type of IP, Reverse, Virtual MAC. They can also perform actions like Edit Reverse, Delete Fail over IP, Move Fail over IP, Add Virtual MAC and Unblock SPAM.

Manage FTP

Your clients can manage various FTP processes from the client area like Enable the FTP Backup, Creating ACL, Changing password for FTP and Managing IP Blocks.

Server Power Options

You can execute commands such as reboot, re-install and netboot easily and effectively. You can also choose specific operating system to be displayed to client, rename them and can edit, delete and add partitions as well.

Server Usage Stats

Your clients will get server usage stats in the form of graph. There are various display options for the graphs available for your clients in the module.

Re-Installation Progress

Allow your clients to view the real-time re-installation progress of the server in the client area. It will display the percentage of the process which is completed as well as under processing.

View Resources

Our module displays information related to Server load, Disk Space and Bandwidth in form of detailed graphs. Your clients can view these graphs from the WHMCS client area anytime.


Your clients can see the technical logs for the operations performed on their server such as reboot, reinstall OS etc.

White Label Email Piping

This feature allows your clients to send the emails automatically to their customers without the burden of forwarding. Also our module completely white labels the format of the email before sending it to your client’s end customers.


You can add, delete, update and list monitoring for the server and can also add, delete email alerts for them.

Benefits To Admin and their Clients


  • Resell Ovh, So You Start And Kimsufi Vps And Dedicated Server.
  • Auto Provisioning Vps Server After User Purchase.
  • Allows White Label Email Piping.
  • Reduce Overhead It Cost.
  • Send Automatic Notification To User For Spamming Or Overusage.
  • Automatically Send Server Details On New Purchase Or At Reinstallation Time.
  • Increase Your Sales By Selling Additional Addons Like Extra Ip’s , Hard Disk And Control Panel License Etc.


  • Manage Server From Client Area.
  • Enable Or Disable Ftp – Backup From Client Area.
  • Manage Ip’s From The Client Area.
  • Reboot The Server From The Client Area.
  • Upgrading The System Resources From The Client Area.
  • Check Various Information Like, Data Center Allocation, Operating System Installed, Virtual Mac Address Used, Bandwidth Usage And Kvm From Whmcs Client Area.

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