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Why HostX is the best WHMCS Theme of 2019?

HostX is the latest addition in our X series products just after ClientX. ClientX has become a success for WHMCS Global Services by becoming the fastest selling product. It crosses the 1000+ downloads in just a period of 5 Months, thanks to all our customers for making this product a star.

HostX with its name, is a newly launched WHMCS template which is specially designed for Web Hosting Providers. We know the pain of developing a new website from scratch, this is where our HostX stands out different.  

Get Your Hosting Website Ready In Just One Hour. 

How will you feel when you come to know that you can now launch a brand-new web hosting selling website in just one day? Hopefully you will get surprised, but it’s true, you will get a ready to use hosting website in just one day.

What are the main issues users face when developing a new website?

This is one of the most pain giving question when ask from a hosting business owner.

We interviewed one of our customers “Jacob – Founder of GPD Host” who comes to us for WHMCS custom development service. You will be interesting to know about his views on developing a new website.

According to him,

  1. Deciding the right platform – I am an IT guy, and still it took me around 10 days to decide the best platform for my website.
  2. Finding the right development firm– Frankly speaking, I found WHMCS global services very easily over the web, but not in case of everyone. I see some hosting providers who have bad websites and they really don’t care about that.
  3. Finalizing the Design of the website – In actual, it took me 1 month and 20 revisions to finalize the design of my website as I am very picky about the design.
  4. Bugs Testing & Fixing again a time waster – Finding bugs and get them fixed is another pain.
  5. Making website compatible with WHMCS – This is the hardest part as we have to redesign the complete whmcs client area panel as the default one is not up to the mark. So spending more bucks on redesigning the WHMCS and making the products on the front end compatible with WHMCS takes more time.
  6. You really can’t take the complete hold on your website; any small issue comes we need to get it fixed by paying more bucks.  

Many more are there, I forget them 😊

Why HostX is the Perfect Solution for all these pains?

HostX Comes with everything that is required to make a hosting website. Developing a hosting website is no longer a tougher task. Just a few clicks and you are done! No need to hire any developer for developing a hosting website. Everything is served to your plate, All you have to do is, Eat your greens!  

Let us dive into the river of features of HostX:

1. Comes with 20+ Pre Designed Pages & Elements: HostX webhosting theme provides the 20+ important pre-built web pages for the hosting website. The main aim is to make the work so hassle free that the hosting website can no longer be a difficult task and you can get one in just an hour. Additionally, the web pages are highly customizable so the dream hosting website is just a few clicks away.

2. Comes with Redesigned WHMCS Client Area: It becomes so boring while you work with the default WHMCS Client Area. So to get rid of this , HostX comes up with the re-designed WHMCS Client Area. The re-designed WHMCS client area includes redesigned dashboard, Order Page, Services Section, Invoices Section, Login Page and Register Page.

3. Comes with Custom Orderform Template: The default WHMCS Order form is not so fascinating and is quite unimpressive. HostX brings up a new orderform template that provides the better UI/UX. The new orderform is designed in a matter to improve the ROI.

4. Blogs Manager, Easily Post Blogs: Posting the blog is no more tougher task. With HostX the blogs can easily be uploaded within just a single click. This theme provides the section of “Blog”  where one can easily post and manage their blogs.

5. Advance Page Manager With Drag N Drop Page Builder: Creating a page is no longer difficult. HostX Advanced Page Manager allows you to create new pages from WHMCS Backend admin with the help of Drag N Drop Page Builder.

6. SEO Manager – Add Meta Tags, Set Robots Indexing: HostX helps keep full control on your website SEO with SEO manager that allows users to add and update meta tags, manage robot indexing and set OG tags. Users can manage SEO settings for all pages in the HostX like:

  • Take full control of adding meta title of your choice.
  • Take full control of adding meta description of your choice.
  • Take full control of adding OG tags and images for social media.
  • Take full control on the robot tags of a page. 

7. Blocks Manager – Create, Copy and Edit a Block: HostX provides the Block Manager feature which is like a magic key to the hosting providers. You can create,copy and customize block and use them in any section of the page via drag and drop Page Builder. It makes your website highly customizable so that you can make the necessary additions and deletions as per your own wish.

8. Website Top Menu Manager: HostX serves with the “HostX top menu bar editor” which helps customize the top menu bar according to your own needs.

9. Client Area Side Menu Manager: With the help of Client Area Side Menu Manager the user can add, Delete the menu items on the client area side menu bar. The client area side menu bar is highly customizable that the user can customize it according to their needs.

10. Dynamic Contents Manager: All the content of the templates and banners are fully dynamic from the WHMCS backend. The user can easily edit the content as per their own needs through Dynamic Content Manager. 

11. Assign Products To Pages With Ease: HostX webhosting theme comes up with the brilliant feature of Product Manager. With the help of Product Manager admin can easily assign the product group to a specific page and can also manage the contents.

12. GDPR Cookies Bar Manager with Style Editing: The Cookies Manager feature in HostX helps to manage cookies banners from the WHMCS admin. The admin can change text & design from WHMCS HostX addon. It also provides the Style Editing feature to the text. According to GDPR , the existence of cookie manager is a must in any website. HostX provides the cookie manager as per the rules.

13. Marketing Offer Popup Banner with Style Editing: The marketing offer Popup banner helps the admin to manage the marketing offer popup banners. The user can build up the marketing offer popup banners in their own style with the help of this tool. Also, the user can keep control over to whom and when the advertisement should be displayed through the Cookies Manager.

14. Logos Manager for Website and Invoices: The Logos Manager tool in HostX helps to change Logos, favicons in the website and invoice template.

15. Department Icons Manager: Through Department Icons Manager, user can set icons to support department.

16. TLD’s Showcase Manager: The TLD’s Showcase Manager tool in HostX helps the admin to manage which TLD’s he wants to display on mega menu, home page, domain search and domain icons.

17. Language Manager that lets you change the language files in HostX addon panel: The user can choose any language from the HostX addon panel with the help of Language Manager. 

18. 100% Responsive and Fast: The HostX webhosting template is 100% responsive as it is compatible with all the devices and is fast.

19. Display the Offers: The HostX template provides the users with attractive as well as customizable platform to display their offers on the screen. HostX provides the timer feature for displaying the offers through which the admin can easily set the timer for how long he wants to display the offer.

20. Fully WHMCS Compatible: The HostX theme is completely compatible with all the versions of WHMCS.

HostX WHMCS Theme is fully built under the latest SAAS based HTML5, so the website will run super smooth and without any further hacks that most of the WordPress users face. With HostX your website will remain hack free and we assure it.

List Of Pages That Comes Redesigned:

  1. Prebuilt 2 Home Page Variants To Choose
  2. Domain Registration Page.
  3. Prebuilt Dedicated Servers Selling Page With Configurable Bars
  4. Prebuilt VPS Server Selling Page
  5. Prebuilt VPS Private Cloud Selling Page
  6. Prebuilt VPS Public Cloud Selling Page
  7. Prebuilt Enterprise Servers Selling Page
  8. Prebuilt Cpanel Web Hosting Selling Page
  9. Prebuilt Plesk Web Hosting Selling Page
  10. Prebuilt Window Hosting Selling Page
  11. Prebuilt WordPress Hosting Selling Page
  12. Prebuilt SSL Certificate Page
  13. Prebuilt Terms and Conditions Page
  14. Prebuilt Privacy Policy Page
  15. Prebuilt Refund Policy Page
  16. Prebuilt 404 Page
  17. Prebuilt Coming Soon Page
  18. Prebuilt About Us Page
  19. Website Builder Page
  20. Site Lock Page
  21. Email Services
  22. Blog Page
  23. Offers Page

All the above-mentioned pages come redesigned in HTML version, so there is no need to hire a developer to create them. You can use them straight away on your website. You just need to setup the products in WHMCS and they will come on the front-end website.

HostX is not only a template, it is much more than your expectations.

Advance Page Manager

HostX lets you create pages very easily as you generally do in WordPress. This is the first time when such kind of WHMCS template has been introduced in the market.

Want To Checkout the DEMO Admin Panel? Login Here:

Username: dell

Password: Humtum@9387

So, in short HostX is fully customized, unique in its own WHMCS theme which comes with Front End Website + Redesigned WHMCS Client Area. With HostX you can have full control on your website and there will be no need to contact developers for little issues.