WHMCS Custom Header – Footer Intergration

Custom Header & Footer Intergration


Integrate WHMCS with your existing website design (whether it’s static, WordPress, Joomla or just about any CMS). We will take the header and footer of your main site and integrate it with the WHMCS default Template for you.

Overview and Benefits

  • Integrate Header / Footer.
  • Add logo in WHMCS template.
  • Match entire WHMCS clientarea form text box , button and font colour and size. Properly link all the main navigation.
  • If you are using older version we will done freely WHMCS version upgrade in this package but you need to confirm during checkout process time.

Things to consider before purchasing:

  • Only header footer will be customized and match the font and color scheme. No change will be made to the Client area or Admin side of the WHMCS.
  • Email template customization is ​not​ include​d​. You can ​opt for this addon while ordering we will charge $30 extra for this.
  • No custom page​s will be include​d.​ ​If you want​ to​ create any custom page, we will charge you ​$15​ per page but you have to provide us relevant information or talk with ​our ​sales team.
  • I​f​ your main site is in different CMS and you want ​to add ​WHMCS functionality ​e.g.​ when user login in ​to ​WHMCS​ area,​ same ​user login ​should ​show in your main site ​like wordpress.​ You can choose ​this ​addon while ordering we will charge $30 extra for this.
  • This is one time service ​and will not be include​d​ for future WHMCS upgrade. If you want​ to​ keep up​dating​ your template​ ​for next 1 year you can ​opt for this ​addon.
We will require the following information to begin your theme integration part:
  • We require your main website template url or html zip folder.
  • We require your WHMCS template and language directory ftp and admin Access details.
  • We require your WHMCS url if you have .htaccess protect admin url please provide that details as well.
Header – Footer Intergration – USD $59.00 Only
Completed in 24 hours
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