Rack Manager WHMCS Module

WGS introduces a powerful new data center infrastructure management module that has the capabilities to revolutionize the way IT departments manage their data centers. With powerful rack manager features, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center information that accurately reflects their IT environment.

All Datacenter inventory like physical, virtual, blade, clustered, and more device types. Easy to use network switch or server selections. Record server processing power and connection properties along with asset tags, serial numbers, and support information.

  • Complete device details
  • CPU, memory HDD, IP & MAC address
  • Hardware components
  • Network switch and PDU port connectivity
  • Check out/assign to users
  • Add device URLs
  • Assign custom values
  • Categorize per customer


Manage Spare Parts

  • Easily manage IT spare parts hardware and inventory. Track what and where the spare parts are in use or check out your current spare parts inventory readily available for deployment.
  • Supports CPU, RAM, HDD and customizable hardware component options.
  • Manage devices globally and/or by individual device(s).
  • Sort, search and view inventory using specific search parameters.
  • Provide complete physical inventory (asset tracking) of your data center and infrastructure.
Server Management

Server Management

In this field IT managers can enter all the relevant and required server hardware information, such as Processor, Hard drive, Memory (RAM), Server brand, Motherboard, Server chassis, RAID, RAID Brand, NIC1 MAC, NIC2 MAC, KVM MAC and many more as your need grows, add anything at any time with convenience. All the fields can be dynamically created as and when required.

Switch Management

Switch Management

You can see and add the switch name options to choose the rack, assign the port range, speed e.g. 1 Gbps and assign the position of the switch within its rack location. Each switch can be 24-ports or 48 ports (+ 4 uplink ports) and should be manually added. Each user should also be able to edit ports also, because some switches don’t have a server connected, however they may have a firewall, router uplink or other.

IP Management

IP Management

Apart from the hardware inventory each client also has IPv4 and IPv6 space assigned. That is also manageable from the device level. You can view the assigned IP range, as well as the remaining IPs in your IP inventory (pool).

Rack Management

Rack Management

Each rack can be 42U or 46U units in height. The servers should be automatically ‘added’ on the correct position within the rack when a server is added to the list (current servers must be updated to use it properly as shown in the dummy data provided).

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December 07, 2016




WHMCS 5, 6, 7 & PHP 7

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