How to Install Hetzner WHMCS Module?

Step 1: Extract the file according to the specific PHP version you are using.

Step 2: After extracting files upload the folder hetzner in path: eg.  /whmcs root directory/modules/servers/
Step 3: Procedure to activate the license:
Please find the modules Hetzner folder in  (eg. /public_html/whmcs/modules/servers/hetzner) & then rename the file license_key_file.php, now rename it to license_key_file.php,  now you need to open the file and enter the License key in variable  $license_key,  eg. $license_key =''leased-ABCDXZ123";
Step 4: Login to admin area -> Setup -> Products/Services->Products/Services & then create a new product group eg. Hetzner Product Group.
Step 5: Create a product eg. Test Pro Beta & assign it to Hetzner Provisioning Module. 
Step 6Enter the API Token & Other Config Options fields according to your choice. 
Step 7Set pricing and other fields in the pricing tab and other required fields etc... and then click on save.
Step 8Order product from Client Area or Admin area. 
Step 9Go to the orders tab and select your order and make the order active .
Step 10Click on Items links eg VPS/Server open Products/Services tab of the client. Click Create Button for server creations action. 
Step 11: Check the status of the server in Hetzner's site portal

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