How to Manage Blog in HostX?

Do you know that you can easily add a blog page in your whmcs website with HostX?

HostX allows you to easily create blog page and blog posts in whmcs and reduce dependencies over WordPress.


Find out how to add a Blog Page in HostX?

Step 1: Login to WHMCS Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Addons > WGS HostX

Step 3: Go to Top Menu Section


Step 4: Add a new Menu Item with URL Slug = blog.php


Your new blog page has been created.


How to Add Blog Posts In HostX?

We have converted the default Announcements section into the Blog. Whenever admin creates a new announcement it gets added as a blog post under the blog page. 

Step 1: Login to WHMCS Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Support > Announcements

Step 3: Click on Add New Announcement

Step 4: Add announcement content and then click on Save.  Please note that you select the Published option. 

Your new blog post has been created.




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