How to add Custom Language Content in HostX?

We have already created custom Language Variables for all the default HostX contents. But we are not that smart, you can understand your language more then we do. We have used custom language translators to translate all the contents. So, we do not say the translated content is 100% fine. We have provided an option for the admin to create custom language content files.

Follow these mentioned steps to create custom language files for you: 


Step 1> Go to WHMCS admin > Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks


Select any block for which you want to create custom Language File. 

Taking an Example: let's create Arabic version of the "Call To Us Banner" block. Do keep in mind to enable the block for custom changes.


Step 2: Clik On Edit

You will see that there is already created English Language File. 


Step 3: Click on the Arabic Language Button to create its language file.  You will see a popup message for which you need to click on OK.


Step 4: Now you will see two widgets created under this block. Click on Edit on anyone. 


Step 5: You can see English Content as default, no you need to replace the contents with your own Arabic Content.

Like this:


Step 6: Click On Save and View Changes in the Front End.

You will that your defined content will be there. Similarly, you can create your own language files for all available Blocks.












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