How to change the login screen text?

In order to change the text on login / register / forgetpassword follow the below easy steps :

Step 1). First of all you need to connect with FTP client like "Filezilla"
Step 2). Go to this path /whmcsdir/lang/overrides/english.php and download the file english.php from this path
Step 3). Edit the file in your editor like Netbeans or edit++ etc. 

Find the below variable and just change the text part only :

Login Page Variable :  "loginpageHeading, loginpageRightHeading, loginpageDesc"
Register Page Variable : "regiterrightheading, regiterrightcontent"
Change password variable : "logintwofarubutheading, logintwofarubutcontent"

Do not change these variable names, only change the text for these variables. After change the text again upload the updated file on right location " /whmcsdir/lang/overrides/english.php ".
For others language file, please do the same process.
Note. Before change the text, we suggested you to take existing file backup. 

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