Network usage data not available

If you are getting "Network usage data not available" error that means Stats data is not created with the particular VM. In this case, you need to wait for some time as the stats (usage data) take some time to create. If you want to view,  you can log in with your vCenter and can directly check the graph via VM.

Sometimes, the module does not show any error like "Network usage data not available" but displays a blank section on the ClientArea instead of the Stats Graph. This apparently indicates that there is some issue with your custom theme.

If you want to confirm the issue with custom theme or module, just give a try with default WHMCS theme "six". You can test it with a temporary theme URL. For this, just add "&systpl=six" at the end of the product URL and hit this URL in your browser.  



  • vmware graph, vmware whmcs module, v2.1.0
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