How to Add More Basic Configurations in Dedicated Server Page?

To add more basic configuration in a dedicated page, please follow these steps:-

Step - 1 ->  Login to your website's Cpanel or FTP.

Step - 2 -> Go to public_html > modules > addons > hostx > assets > js.

Step - 3 ->  In js folder you have to edit some code in "dedicated_servers" file. But firstly, take the backup of the file. and open "dedicated_servers" file in the editor.

Step - 4 ->  Find for the code "var name", and you will find the code for basic configuration.

Step - 5 ->  Add the config name in the "var name" and if you want to add the icon for your var name added then you have to upload .svg icon in the images folder(you can download svg icons from, and add the icon name in the "var icon".

(The path for the images folder is public_html > templates > hostx > images).

For example, if you add the var name "storage" for basic configuration. The code will be:-
var icon =  ['icon03.svg','ram.svg','disk.svg','storage.svg'];
var name =  ['CPU','Ram','Disks','Storage'];

After updating the code add your info of new var name added from the admin area:-

Step - 1 -> Login to whmcs admin.

Step - 2 -> Go to Addons > WGS Hostx.

Step - 3 -> Click on three lines at the top right, and click on "Product to Page".

Step - 4 -> Here you will find all the Product groups assigned to the Hosting pages. Now click on "Assign Dedicated Product Group to Page" on the top right.

Step - 5 -> Here you will find the Dedicated server groups assigned to pages.

Step - 6 -> Add your new var name info after the info of CPU, RAM, Disks info. and click on the "Save Changes" button on the bottom right.

Your Var name and info will be reflected on frontend.


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