How to Upgrade HostX Pricing Plans?

One can easily upgrade their HostX Pricing Plan.

In case you are looking to upgrade from the Startup to Medium Business or Enterprise, here is the process for the same.

> Go To Client Area

> Raise a Ticket to Upgrade from Startup to Medium Business or Enterprise Pricing Plan.

> We will raise an invoice for the price difference. For example, if you have paid $145 for Startup so you need to pay an extra $44 to upgrade to Medium Business plan.

> After you pay your invoice, we will upgrade your plan

> New files will be available to download in the client area.

The same process will be applicable if the user wants to upgrade from Medium to Enterprise Plan



Terms and Conditions: 

1. (For Startup, to Medium Plan Upgrade) The upgrade can only be possible between 20 days of purchase. Any request that is generated after the 20 days of the purchase will not be entertained under this upgrade process. The user has to pay for the complete package price. 

2. A user can upgrade to the Enterprise plan anytime by just paying the price difference. 




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