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Version: v1.0.5 Released ( 10/02/2017 )

New Feature add bug fixing
  • New feature added Make user selection field more user friendly in Assign Existing VM
  • New feature added Assign an existing VM to an customer.
  • New feature added Option for admin to define the VM name pattern

Version: v1.0.4 Released ( 31/01/2017 )

New Feature add bug fixing
  • Fixed A specified parameter was not correct: spec.identity .userData. ComputerN- ame issue
  • Fixed Cannot find the object we requested to collect the properties for in servers response!
  • Fixed Windows Xp Product Key Problem
  • Fixed set the cpu limit
  • Fixed network and resource pool name is missing
  • New feature added Which Datastore machine will be installed
  • New feature added Differentiate IP pool with hostname issue fixed
  • New feature added Vcenter Server setup API password encryption added
  • New feature added Add datastore dropdown in module setup with product

Version: v1.0.3 Released ( 17/12/2016 )

New feature added and bug fixing
  • Fixed Reinstall OS password not sending in mail.
  • Fixed When adding multiple Vcenter WHMCS getting hang.
  • Fixed Fix the jQuery issue with WHMCS7 in product module setting
  • Fixed Optimize the Multiple hostname API
  • Fixed when terminate command run it remove domain in domain text box.